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About Us

Guild Leadership:

GM: @KingGoooSe

Officers: @Mr.Pointy, @danigurl485, @Erulissea

Auction Donations: @Wafflekitten

We are, among other things, a trader’s guild. So each week we strive to be sure we have a guild trader in a nice location. However, our chances of winning the bids each week depends largely on all of you wonderful members. If we don’t get enough income from sales or from our auctions and raffles, we won’t be able to keep up with the bids for the guild trader. I ask you all to participate in the auctions/raffles in some way, either by donating items (like rare motifs or purple/gold crafting items) or buying items at auction price. You may also choose to deposit gold directly into the guild bank if you do not wish to participate in an event.

We do have minimum set to ensure the upkeep of our guild trader each week. All members are expected to achieve ONE of the following:

- Purchase 10k gold worth of raffle tickets each week (regular and or 50/50)


- Deposit 10k gold in the guild bank each week


- Sell 150k worth of items on the guild store each week

Failure to meet these requirements will put you on the list to be booted from our guild to make room for new members that would be supporting our guild.

These minimums are extremely easy to achieve. If you have any questions, feel free to ask any officer. Or if you want money making tips, ask in the guild chat!

NOTE: Money making tips can also be found on the Auction page on this site. Scroll down to see the Google docs sheet, and select the “Gold Tips Guide” page to view.

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