Events & Contests

Royal Bank is Turning 7! Birthday Week Events 7/11/2021 - 7/18/2021

"Mega" Raffle

- This raffle will be running between 7/11/2021 (after raffle close) - 7/18/2021 (7:30pm EST)

- The "mega" raffle is like any of our raffles except all regular ticket enteies are 1k each! No tiers to worry about :D

- 50/50 tickets are still 10k each

- All tickets are still mailed to @KingGoooSe

Public Dungeon Skyshard and Group Event Run

- This run will be starting on Thursday 7/15/2021 @8:30pm EST

- This event will take you through as many, if not all, non-DLC public dungeons to collect the skyshard and do the group boss event

- The run is being led by @Mr.Pointy (group 1) and @SniqueMe (group 2 if needed)

AD Imperial City/Sewers Run

- This run will be starting on Saturday 7/17/2021 @7:30pm EST

- Your character must be part of the AD (Aldmeri Domninion) faction and must be at least level 10

- We will be focusing on collecting skyshards for folks who need them, killing district and sewer bosses and maybe even killing Molag Bal in the sewer center

- Discord will be required to listen in, talking optional

- We will NOT be doing quests

- This is being led by @KingGoooSe

Sweetroll Scavenger Hunt!

- There will be 15 sweet rolls hidden throughout the guild house (primary residence of @SwahaVai) as well as an example one which does not count on the table near the banker

- When can you hunt for sweet roll goodness? 7/11/2021 @8pm EST - 7/18/2021 @7:30pm EST

- When you have the locations of all 15 send an in game mail to @Lunar_Rose with where you found each one

- The 1st person to find all 15 and send a correct mail in will receive a 1500 crown shopping spree! The 2nd person with correct answers will receive 100k and the 3rd will receive 75k. All subsequent winners will receive 25k gold.