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Events & Contests

Royal Bank of Tamriel Fashion Show Fall 2021

Date of Show: November 6th at 2pm ET
Entrance fee: 25,000g per person
Venue: @Sorcerellia primary residence (Potentate’s Retreat)
Judges: Mr.Pointy, SwahaVai, PoppyNZ, Alt: SniqueMe
MC: @Sorcerellia
Prize: Cash prize depends on number of entrants. All cash goes to one

Overall Rules

1. MC, judges and alt judges cannot compete in this Fashion Show.
2. The house will hold 24 people at a time. When you pay your entrance fee, your
name will be added to the house guest list. Only then can you enter the house.
There will be 20 contestants allowed at a time in the house. Contestants in excess
of 20 will wait outside until they are added to the guest list and called to the
runway. When you are asked to leave the house, please exit asap.
3. Send entrance fee to @Sorcerellia before noon ET on November 6th.
4. Each judge will give each contestant a score from 1-10 based on their own
subjective criterion. Judges word is final. The contestant with the highest score at
the end of the competition is the winner.
5. Winner will be announced in guild and the cash prize will be paid to the winner
immediately following the contest end.
6. In the event of a tie, judges will meet amongst themselves and select a winner.
There is only ONE winner.

Contest Rules

1. When your name is announced in guild, move to the runway (lighted path near
Aeonstone pool). Prepare to compete.
2. WALK down the lighted path. Do not run. 3. Pivot slowly in front of the judges (the wider part of path with the 3 chairs).
Continue walking to the end of the lighted path and turn around. Repeat steps 2
and 3.
4. Exit off the lighted path.
5. Contestants can use ANY outfit, costume, dye, skins, personality, emotes, roll
dodge(tumble), memento, major or minor adornment, in combat or out. NO
polymorphs please. Contestants must be dressed.
6. Those outside the house waiting to compete, when called, port to @Sorcerellia.
7. There is a “potluck pool party” following the contest end. Bring your bathing
8. Skinny dipping is allowed only in the cave under the waterfall. Please keep your
clothes on outside of this cave. I do not want my eyeballs burned out of their
sockets. Thank you.
9. Stay out of the ocean or you will be munched by slaughterfish. The Aeonstone
pool and its tributary are safe to swim in.
10. Dueling is allowed in back by pool on the upper, mid, and lower tiers, and along
the left side path of the Aeonstone pool. Please do not interfere with the runway
and competition area. There is a “diving board” on the lower tier in the center.
Two of the crystals can be climbed up onto from the pool.

The Runway

The Judges

The Feast

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