**GUILD RAFFLE & 50/50**
Sunday nights at 8pm EST

– **You do not need to be present to win.
– **All ticket purchases must be SENT DIRECTLY to @KingGooose. Any donations made to the guild bank will not be counted.
– Each ticket purchase gives you a chance to win ONE of the items in the Tier in which you bought the ticket.
– **All entries must be sent in by 7:30pm EST in order to be counted for that week’s raffle.
-You must specify which Tier you want. If you do not, you will automatically be entered into the Tier 1 raffles.

50/50 RULES:
– All above rules with a ** before it apply to the 50/50 as well.
– You may enter as many time as you’d like and you may also enter the regular raffle as well.
– Entering the 50/50 does not make you eligible to win bonus prizes from the regular raffle unlocks.
– One person each week will win HALF the jackpot total listed in the spreadsheet below (will change each week depending on member entry). Current prize total for winner will be list in game in the guild Message of the Day.

Direct Link: Raffle Sheet